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At Damesa we have different brands that cover ranges of very diverse products. Therefore, to make it easier for our customers to recognize each brand and product, we have designed different packagings.
Damesa preformed clamps are designed to ensure a long-lasting and efficient clamping solution. These clamps are manufactured in stainless-steel in different bandwidths and material thicknesses, and come in boxes of 100, 50 or 25 pcs. To make assembly as simple as possible, here are the 6 basic steps:
En Damesa, nuestra prioridad es satisfacer las necesidades de nuestros clientes aportando unos estándares de calidad a la altura de sus expectativas. Por ello, nuestra marca Uniq cuenta con estos 7 puntos de calidad:
The Damesa Endless Band and Buckle system was designed to provide a quick assembly solution as well as an efficient and hard-wearing clamping solution. The system is composed of 30m or 50m rolls of stainless-steel banding in different bandwidths and thicknesses, which are cut to size and fastened using a buckle. Here are the assembly instructions in 6 easy steps
The norms which govern EU textile slings (NORMA UNE-EN 1492: 1 and 2), specifies that the slings must be labelled with characteristics and instructions for use.
En Damesa buscamos la máxima eficiencia en nuestro sistema logístico para que nuestros clientes puedan recibir sus pedidos lo antes posible.
The demands of the market, the needs of the clients and the wish to keep improving day by day, has led Damesa to expand its central warehouse in Castellar del Vallés (Barcelona).
At Damesa we aim for customer satisfaction. We therefore focus on providing solutions to customers’ needs and requirements. The Industrial Supplies and Hardware Distribution sector requires a wide range of products of the highest quality. In response to this need, all the brands managed by Damesa follow strict criteria of specialization and rigorous quality control.
Damesa (Difusora de Artículos Mecánicos Especiales) es especialista en la distribución para profesionales, enteramente orientada a aportar soluciones a las necesidades de los clientes del sector de la distribución del suministro industrial y ferretería. Distribuye en exclusiva todo un abanico de productos de la máxima calidad que desde hace años, viene ocupando un puesto destacado en el sector.
Damesa has introduced several initiatives to ensure the welfare of our employees and to make sure that the company stays open for business.
Mikalor, tras sus 75 años fabricando abrazaderas, se ha convertido en uno de los pocos fabricantes de abrazaderas de orejas a nivel mundial.
Descubre la gama de accesorios para cable y elementos de elevación de acero grado 80 y de alta resistencia de Uniq.
As a response to the state of alarm declared on 14th March 2020 and the sanitary and containment measures stipulated by the Spanish Ministry of Health, we would like to inform you that Damesa has taken all the necessary steps in order to continue providing service to our customers during these exceptional times.
Descubre la gama de accesorios para cable y elementos de elevación de Uniq.
Una vez más, Damesa renueva los certificados de los sistemas de gestión conforme a las normas ISO 9001:2015 e ISO 14001:2015.
Damesa is proud to present the English language version of the new Mikalor Hose Clamps catalogue.
Wir danken Mikalor für die Besuche auf unserem Stand auf der letzten Fasteners Fair in Stuttgart.
Mikalor hat es geschafft, alle Anforderungen zu erfüllen, um die IATF 16949-Zertifizierung zu erhalten, die die bisherige ISO/TS 16949 ersetzt
ImJahr 1943 wurde MIKALOR gegründet.
Wir laden Sie herzlich ein unsere neue Webseite zu besuchen, www.damesa.com
In diesem Video zeigt die Abteilung F+E von Mikalor dass die Mikalor Schellen eine absolute Dichtheit garantieren
Mikalor präsentiert in diesem Video die Fertigungstechnologien der verschiedenen Befestigungselemente für Schnellbefestigungen sowie anderweitigen Anwendungen