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> >Damesa protects the labels of the slings with a plastic layer

Damesa protects the labels of the slings with a plastic layer

The norms which govern EU textile slings (NORMA UNE-EN 1492: 1 and 2), specifies that the slings must be labelled with characteristics and instructions for use.

The label informs the consumer of the following:

  •   Type of sling (reusable or one-use)
  •   Working Load Limit (C.M.U.)
  •   Safety Factor
  •   Effective Working Length
  •   Material (polyamide, polyester or polypropylene)
  •   Traceability code
  •   Manufacturer or Distributor
  •   Origin
  •   European standard for reusable slings or the Spanish standard for one-use slings.

Any sling which bears no label or where the label is illegible should not be used for lifting loads. Any usage of incorrectly or unidentified slings is punishable by sanction. This means that on many occasions a sling may have to be replaced even though it is perfect conditions, because the label is illegible or torn. In order to avoid this eventuality, Damesa protects the labels with a plastic layer to increase the resistance to wear and tear.