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> >Damesa takes measures against Covid19

Damesa takes measures against Covid19

Since the state of alarm was decreed in Spain, Damesa has introduced several initiatives to ensure the welfare of our employees and to make sure that the company stays open for business. These measures are adapted to the changing situation so that our employees are comfortable and safe in the workplace at all times.

Clocking in with facial recognition

Damesa started by eliminating clocking in using fingerprints for obvious reasons. Instead, to comply with the requirements of the Spanish Health and Safety regulations, we have installed facial recognition technology which also measures body temperature as the employee clocks in.

Safety distance

Secondly, we took steps to ensure that employees work at a safe distance from one another. Every employee works at the recommended distance from their co-workers when at their workplace and also in shared spaces such as the coffee machine or in the cafeteria, so as to avoid unnecessary crowding.

Facemask Use

Thirdly, Damesa distributes facemasks to all our employees and encourages their use within the company, even though safety distance is already being observed. The aim is to avoid infection at all costs.

Hydrogel dispensers

Lastly, we have installed hydrogel dispensers throughout the company for regular hand disinfection. We also disinfect workplaces and shared spaces on a regular basis to avoid the spread of infection.