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Damesa: Branches, Spanish and Export markets

Damesa (Difusora de Artículos Mecánicos Especiales) is specialised in distribution to industry professionals and focuses on providing solutions to the needs of our hardware and industrial supplies customers. Damesa has been an exclusive distributor of top-quality products for many years and is a market leader in the sector.

The company is in constant evolution, moving with the times in order to continue delivering the Quality and Service that our customers expect. Our success is due to a combination of the following factors:

  •          Our years of experience
  •          Our insistence on getting things right
  •          The most advanced Technical and human resources

Damesa is also the exclusive worldwide distributor for the range of hose clamps, clips and industrial fasteners manufactured Mikalor, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of these products. The Mikalor range comprises more than 10.000 parts which are used in sectors such as general industry, automotive, marine, heating, ventilation, cooling, construction, agriculture etc.

Since Damesa was founded in 1981, we have provided a complete infrastructure to our customers and also to the professionals who make up the company. Thanks to our well-organized and wide-reaching sales network in the Spanish market we can offer immediate solutions to our customer base. The ability to compete on first name terms with leading brands is the basis for our prestige in Quality and Service both in the Spanish market and around the world. Proofs of this are the more than 5000 customers who put their trust in Damesa.

After more than 50 years of experience in Distribution and Customer Service, Damesa is a major player in the sector and exports to over 110 countries. We keep close to our customers, meaning that we give them the attention they require.

Damesa covers the entire Spanish market, with 7 branches located in Barcelona, Madrid, Guipúzcoa, Valencia, Zaragoza, Sevilla and Vigo. We also have international branches in Germany, the USA and Australia and a sales team composed of 40 sales representatives who handle both the domestic and international markets with the undertaking to take care of our customer base carefully and efficiently.