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> >Discover the 7 Uniq quality points

Discover the 7 Uniq quality points

At Damesa, our priority is to satisfy the needs of our customers by providing quality standards that meet their expectations. For this reason, our Uniq brand has these 7 quality points:

- Immediate identification thanks to the marking of the pieces, also featuring their workloads and the material grade used.

- Homogeneity of all articles. There are no unexpected changes in the manufacture and quality of the product.

- Mounting a Uniq-branded product is a guarantee of compliance with the certification requirements and technical specifications.

- Brand backed by Damesa, that brings the excellence of service, immediacy and a high permanence of stock.

- Uniq commercial proximity: the 7 regulatory warehouses in Spain and our international commercial network offer an easy and quick access to all the items.

- We offer personalized advice on any article or application on which information is needed.

- Our Uniq brand comprises a very wide range of zinc-plated and AISI 316 stainless steel products that cover countless applications.