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Damesa preformed clamps are designed to ensure a long-lasting and efficient clamping solution. These clamps are manufactured in stainless-steel in different bandwidths and material thicknesses, and come in boxes of 100, 50 or 25 pcs. To make assembly as simple as possible, here are the 6 basic steps:


The DAMESA-MRA 260 tightening tool can be used to assemble the preformed clamps once fitted with one of the two adaptors for cutting this kind of clamp, D001 (excenter lever) or D050 (ratchet wrench).

In this kind of assembly, the tightening tool is only used to tighten the clamp. Once tightened the preformed clamp must be cut using one of the two adaptors. One of these should be assembled on the nose of the tool where the band end is inserted, as shown in the image. 

It is recommended to secure the tightening tool and adaptor in a workbench vice for easier use.


Before turning the tension handle, make sure that the tail end is firmly gripped by the lever, as close as possible to the blade.  Insert the hose inside the clamp and start turning the tension handle.


To control tensioning, hold thumb on the side of the buckle where the band enters. When the band stops moving through the buckle, maximum tension has been applied.

Stop tightening and prepare to cut off the excess band end.


To cut off the excess band end, roll over the hose until the shear hook engages behind the buckle edge, loosening the tightening tool by ¼ or ½ turn, depending on the type and size of hose. Make sure that the shear hook remains firmly in place behind the buckle edge.

(a) Cutting using D001 adaptor (excenter lever): Pull the lever in a short sharp movement to cut the band. 


(b) Cutting using D050 adaptor (ratchet wrench): The shear hook should also be fitted firmly behind the buckle edge. Then use the ratchet wrench to cut the band. 


The assembly then comes to an end. There is no need for hammering or crimping.